Addons for WoW Toy Collectors!

There’s not many to choose from, but I do use these two addons for my toy collection:

ToyPlus – gives you an extra tool bar just for toys! Much better than having to bring up the toybox to use your favorite toys, or wasting barspace to drag them onto.

Toy Box Enhanced – gives you much more filtering control for collected/uncollected/source/etc. Really makes the toys list a much more managable thing to look at and figure out what you want to go grab next!


Ironman Challenge

World of Warcraft Hunter Ironman Challenge Selfie

I decided to participate in the Ironman Challenge. My name is Ironhunt@Velen and we shall see how this goes! I'm actually excited so far, it is fun to not just faceroll everything in my path with heirlooms. The rule are posted on WoWChallenges … [Continue reading]

Battle Pet Mayhem

Ok it's been quite a long time since I've posted, and obviously I haven't done the cooking thing like I planned :P BUT I have been wanting to write more, and so here goes! I had kinda stopped playing as much (just not AS much lol) but then one … [Continue reading]

Life Advice from WoW

I love and look for memorable quotes in quest text! Had to share! "But you remember this: You're your own woman. Don't let nobody bully you into doing something you don't wanna do!" … [Continue reading]

New Dark Legacy Comic

LOL yes I have been wondering why the healer queues have been taking longer! But really it's all good. And I understand why the DPS are sometimes AFK when the queue pops! They have to wait for a long time! I don't think I'd be able to sit solely … [Continue reading]


This isn't related to cooking.... but I finally became exalted with Timbermaw tonight! Which means I finally go The Diplomat title :) I have been meaning to for a long time... and not that it took me the entire time to do it, it wasn't a bad … [Continue reading]


Welcome to Ded's Travels!   … [Continue reading]