Battle Pet Mayhem

minfernalOk it’s been quite a long time since I’ve posted, and obviously I haven’t done the cooking thing like I planned 😛

BUT I have been wanting to write more, and so here goes!

I had kinda stopped playing as much (just not AS much lol) but then one night decided to look through my achievements and figured it was time to grab a few more.

I decided on collecting more battle pets since I was already so close to getting Eastern Kingdoms Tamer, Pandaria Safari, Eastern Kingdoms Safari and Kalimdor Safari (I was only missing a few pets each).

After getting those I would also end up getting World Safari and the Zookeeper title! Which would be awesome for my hunter 🙂

So I figured, those would be some easy (and fun) achievement points!

And I love traveling and seeing the world anyways 🙂

Oh my gosh was I wrong! I picked everything up in pretty quick order except for the Baby Ape and a Minfernal.

Now, just to explain something that I didn’t previously know: some battle pets can only be caught during specific weather, and the Baby Ape was one of them. The Sand Kitten was another, but I got lucky with that one and got a sandstorm almost right away. I needed it to rain on an island in Stranglethorn for the ape.

However, for being a tropical jungle, Stranglethorn really didn’t want to rain so that I could nab my Baby Ape. Ever.

It took almost two weeks of having a toon parked in the jungle and random checking for rain to get one. BUT I was really lucky and happened to get a rare one, so I was good to go for that pet!

The Minfernal was an entirely different matter.

Minfernals are apparently extremely rare spawns. People tout that there’s special tactics to getting them, but I don’t believe any of them. I tried them all. I think it’s coincidence.

How I got mine? Couldn’t sleep one night and got up around 1AM (4AM server time) and low and behold, the Minfernal was on my map! Poor quality of course, but I had a Flawless Elemental Battle Stone so I didn’t care 🙂

I have a Rare Minfernal!


Another note to add to this process: there are also two season specific battle pets –  the Snowy Owl and the Qiraji Guardling. The owl spawns during the winter, and the Guardling during the summer. I had previously gotten the owl, and I still had just a couple weeks left to try for the Guardling for the achievement before next year. Lucky for me!

So that was my adventure of the month! And I feel a job well done 🙂