Ironman Challenge

World of Warcraft Hunter Ironman Challenge Selfie

I decided to participate in the Ironman Challenge. My name is Ironhunt@Velen and we shall see how this goes! I’m actually excited so far, it is fun to not just faceroll everything in my path with heirlooms. The rule are posted on WoWChallenges here.

The summary of the rules go something like this:

  • No gear above white quality
  • No professions except for First Aid
  • No choosing a spec or talent points’
  • No dungeons/raids
  • Kill percentage almost 100%
  • No Guild
  • No battle pets
  • No potions/buffs
  • MOST OF ALL – No Dying!!!

It is really too bad that as of level 10, it thinks I killed 67 raid bosses, and have grouped so much that I have only killed 8.78% of my kills… but it’s still just a fun challenge so I will continue with ot regardless of the level 10 raid/kill red flagging. It must be tracking account wide kills.ironman challenge fail

There are as of this posting, four characters that are max level (currently 100) so it will be extremely hard!

More specific rules posted here.

If you die, you are forever immortalized int he hall of fame. If you are redflagged for violating rules, you are Lost to the Twisting Nether.

If you want to join, add you character here.

It’s great fun, good luck to everyone that decides to join as well!